I was born and raised in the agricultural community of Bakersfield, California. I studied finance at CSU Bakersfield before ultimately landing an eight-to-five desk job in Bakersfield. Most of my free time was spent traveling the world, until several years ago when I felt a tug to explore some art classes... and I have not been able to put a paintbrush down since!
Animals are heavily featured in many of my creations. I find the exciting, unpredictable nature of watercolor makes it the perfect medium to express my love and admiration for these beautiful creatures. I draw endless inspiration from their shapes, colors, and vivid personalities. “I have always felt a connection to animals…they are somewhat of [free] spirits to me." 

Indeed, painting has connected me with the free spirit within myself.  I can often be found horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, traveling and even (occasionally!) baking. I am  passionate about watercolor painting and look forward to creating pieces that everyone can enjoy. I hope my story will inspire others to find their passion, that which moves them to dream and create however that looks for them.


Karen from Karen Morovich Creations